Currently available resources to prepare for the CIA exam.

Recommended Reading for the CIA Exam

The selection is based on a review of the available English CIA prep material. We appreciate your comments and suggestions. > Contact

Please read the separate article regarding sample questions and the IIA Professional Practices Framework.

Study Guides and Exam Prep Systems

The most commonly used learning systems are Gleim (do use the current  edition), the CIA Learning System (an easy read), Powers (good value for meoney), and Wiley/Vallabhaneni (more in-depth).

By order of appearance:

* Gleim CIA Study Guide - the long established learning system > link

* Vallabahaneni Wiley CIA Prep - 2020 edition - clear structure following the CIA syllabus, a good read, concise sample questions. A bit volouminous > link (UK)

* Holmes/IIA CIA Learning System - 2020 edition - the "official", an easy read, somewhat simple questions > link

* Powers CIA Learning System - 2020 edition - affordable, a good read and many good questions. > link

Other systems, books and question databases are offered through the IIA bookstore and other online bookstores.

Books and IIA Material

The sources below give you an idea about useful additional essentials.

Get the current edition if you can - for preparing the exam a previous edition may be good enough.

Reding et al Internal Auditing


IIA Material

Reading and understanding the IIA Code of Ethics, IIA Standards and IIA Practice Advisories is strongly advised for preparing CIA part 1 and part 2. > link

Do not forget to have a look at the IIA's exam brochure. > link  


Internal Auditing Textbooks

The IIA recommends the extensive Sawyer (2012) textbooks and Reding et al (2013) which aims at students and novice practitioners.

An experienced practitioner would probably prefer the hands-on approach of Pickett (2010).

More Books

Cannon's CISA prep book will help you to understand the IT fundamentals. This is the one I liked most out of the tons which passed my table ... 

Cannon, D.L. et al (2011):
CISA: Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide, Paperback mit Test- und Bonus-CD > link (UK)



More material is available from the IIA bookstore and other online bookstores. > link

Beware - graphics in books may be essential and are often not legible in Kindle editions.

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